Improve Your Game with Online Golf Lessons

Improve Your Game with Online Golf Lessons

Online Golf Lessons Can Improve Your Game


online golf lessonsOne of the great improvements to golf instruction these days is the ability to get almost immediate feedback on your swing issues via online golf lessons and video appraisals.

With the explosion of mobile apps and good quality video on mobile devices the playing field is equal, allowing everyone to play in the same way. And the mobile video quality is just outstanding and only getting better.

For example, the Apple 5S iPhone, has amazing video. It shoots in 1080P HD, can shoot slow-motion, has increased color vibrancy, low-light recording and on and on. Video analysis, studies shows, can be directly linked to improved performance. Of course, you have to practice and implement the new changes but the key is the analysis, and the improvement you can make to your game with online golf instruction is substantial.

The visual analysis of a golf swing in motion is the key improvement. The mad thing is sometimes we don’t even know we have developed bad habits in our swing. That’s why online golf lessons are so significant. You get that “distance” between you and your swing. It becomes impressive to look at and assess. It can be similar to viewing someone else’s golf swing – that’s when you can look and evaluate your golf swing impartially. Normally a golfer “knows” what is incorrect by the result(s) they are acquiring. The ball is slicing to the left/right, no firm contact, lack of distance or the swing just doesn’t feel right. And you’re not sure of the exact cause/effect.

Also, we just might not be able to get into certain positions. Most golf swings are dissimilar to the professional players. We may be fixed in certain parts, have a bodily form we need to work around, lack of strength or other issues. These can what’s more be seen more readily in the active movement of video. The thing about of seeing your swing online via video is always surprising.

The swing never really looks like it “feels”. Ultimately, you want to come away with just a few preferably 1 or 2 keys to think about and incorporate. Online golf lessons as well as video taping your golf swing is an excellent option if you want to improve and see new immediate results. However, you then have to put in the work. Every so often this practice or work part gets forgotten. You get so amped about finding a problem in your swing – it’s some relief knowing but, you then need the help of your pro to put a workable plan together that’s fits you and your schedule and then practice. Nowadays online golf lessons and golf swing analysis via video is an integral part of golf instruction and improvement.