Golf Tips: Drive For Better Distance and Control

Golf Tips: Drive For Better Distance and Control

Golf Tips For Better Distance and Control from Your Driver


golf tips driverMost golfers wish they could hit 300-yard drives down the center of the fairway every single time. Not all golfers can achieve this type of length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add 10 or 15 yards to your drives. Here are some tips for your driver, that might help you achieve a bit more length and accuracy off the tee.

Golf Tips for Driving

1. Posture – The number one thing I see amateur golfer do is set up with bad posture. If your back is rounded and you don’t find balance in your set up it will cause many inconsistencies in your swing.

Many golfers were never taught posture and this causes many issues on the course. Posture with your driver doesn’t look the same as with your wedges or irons. It’s the only club most golfers hit on the way up instead of the way down. This gives you a launching type of feel and you can really gain distance by hitting the ball on the way up instead of on the way down. If you perfect your posture, you will be able to hit the ball further.

2. Over swinging – Another thing many amateur golfers do is over swing. They swing for the fences and find the ball goes nowhere or goes out a little ways and takes a sharp curve to the right or left. This comes from trying to kill the ball and not staying under control. You don’t need to swing slow, but you do need to figure out how fast you can swing and still maintain complete control of your swing.

3. Your Core Muscles – The core muscles in your stomach area make a huge difference in your golf swing. If you strengthen these muscles, you will swing better and you will hit the ball further. These muscles also help to support your lower back and if you suffer from lower back pain, you want to work strengthen these muscles for less pain, as well.

4. The Turn – Probably the most important of the golf tips is the turn. Many golfers don’t understand that power comes from turning the upper body against the lower body. If you watch PGA golfers on television, they almost always keep their lower body very still (as the base) and turn their upper body against it.This creates power and if you stabilize your lower body, you will certainly gain more distance off the tee.

5. Grip Down – Gripping down will not give you more overall distance, of course, but it will help you gain accuracy. If you struggle with hitting wayward tee shots or you just start hitting them bad on a specific day, sacrifice a little overall distance and put one in the fairway by gripping down. (This is also known as choking up, but we don’t use negative words in golf, so we call it gripping down.)

6. Toe Wins the Race – Most golfers that struggle with accuracy and distance slice the ball. To help you cure your slice think about the toe of the club reaching the ball before the heel. If this happens, you will cut down on your slice quite a bit and if you cut out the slice, you will certainly gain more distance off the tee.

7. Back to the Target – One thing you can take on the course with you, especially if you tend to pull the golf ball, is my personal swing thought. Try to keep your back to the target as long as you can when swinging.
This helps to give you the hip bump you need to transition from the top of the swing to the impact position and will help many golfers with distance and accuracy. Not all of the above tips may apply to you, but the few that do can really help you gain the distance you desire from the tee box. With these golf driving tips, you can really find the fairway more often and lessen the length of your approach shots.

These tips will give you better distance and control off the tee in no time at all. And for more golf tips on other aspects of your game that need improving go to True Mastery of Golf.