Custom Made Golf Clubs – What You Can Expect from a Fitting.

Custom Made Golf Clubs – What You Can Expect from a Fitting.

Custom Made Golf Clubs


custom made golf clubsIf your game is not at a level you would like to be and you found that you hit the greens only sporadically during the course of a year, and where you’re hesitant about what club to use.

You may wish to have that perfect sets of clubs hanging on the wall of your local pro shop.

If you are serious about improving your game or taking that game to the next level, it might well benefit you to consider readymade golf clubs that you’ve been looking at for ages.

There are certain things to know and look forward to when you decide to make the choice to get custom made golf clubs. This begins with the knowledge of several body measurements that are taken to correctly determine the size club required to optimize your game.

To begin with, the height and the gender of the golfer is established in order to reduce the available clubs selection. It is no surprise that a female golfer will often require a different size club set than an average male golfer.

Then the distance of wrist to floor is measured to offset the height figures to assist in getting a good estimation of the required shaft length. The age and skill level is also considered to further identify an appropriate shaft type for the club.

Lastly, for a usual fitting, the grip of the golfer is measured to establish what grips might benefit the golfer and lower the chance of hooking and slicing.

Custom made golf clubs do not take a very long time to be fitted. While the typical fitting takes somewhere around fifteen minutes, it could take as long as thirty minutes. Another thing to remember is to not let your self-importance get in the way of a good set for you. Many seasoned experienced golfers and amateurs alike upset themselves when posed with the choice of going with a set that helps optimize their swing. Essentially this means that you don’t typically have to try as hard to hit it well and golfers might take offense to the suggestions.

The best thing to consider when going to be fitted for custom made golf clubs is that a professional is measuring you. They are paid to supply you with the best match in equipment versatility, and therefore you should listen to their advice. Being fit for a set of clubs should be fun and above all should be productive. With the right frame of mind and a little bit of invested time, you should be lowering your handicap in no time.