5 Tips on the Bump and Run Shot with Golf Short Game Drills

5 Tips on the Bump and Run Shot with Golf Short Game Drills

Golf Short Game Drills for Bump and Run


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If you are a passionate golfer like me, you must be enthusiastic to lower your scores. Have you ever felt annoyed as nothing you do works for you and you seem powerless to progress to the next level?

One area that you should focus on is your short game. Actually using the bump and run shot for example, can greatly lower golf scores. This technique especially for beginners is essential to learn.

Here are some golf short game drills to practice.

The chip shot you can use around the green too and is handled using a straighter faced club. The ball will pop up quickly, land on the green and roll out toward the hole.

To master this easy and valuable golf short game drills for bump and run shots, you can use a 5, 7 and 9 iron. Virtually, all irons from this range are good for the bump and run shot. The effectiveness of the shot depends on how far off the green’s edge your golf ball lays.

The bump and run shot unquestionably offers superior control for the player as compared to lofting the ball high into the air with the wedge in an effort to get it close to the flag.

Golf Short Game Drills

Here are five guidelines on golf short game drills for the best bump and run shots:

1. When you use the bump and run, make sure that you have lot of green to work with and the ball is close up to the green.

2. Keep your toes pointed at the correct approach to the target and keep them six inches apart as you address the ball.

3. Your front shoulder must be at a forty-five degree angle to the target and ensure that you place the ball just inside your front foot.

4. The bump and run shot is more like a firm putt than a full shot. If you want to lift the ball off the ground for some distance then you can use the 7 or 8 iron and hit the stroke with quarter swings. To finish the hole with a short putt, get the ball up close by focusing on the long roll.

5. As you would read the green for a putt, read the green for the bump and run shot too. Use a related swing as you would for a solid putting stroke. Keep your arms locked and hold your wrists compact. Your aim here is to just bump the ball in a low flight over the fringe. In other words, your objective is to get the ball rolling towards the cup as fast as possible rather than flying it most of the way.

Using these golf short game drills for  bump and run shots will require a lot of time and practice to perfect your shots. If you master chipping the ball, you can be guaranteed of greater confidence in your short game. You will have lesser swing thoughts, as the general feel is like putting. You can then rapidly lower your golf scores as the bump and run shots present greater control over your shots and more confidence around the greens. In turn this will help you lower your scores per game.