10 Lessons for Beginner Golfers


lessons for beginner golfersGolf is an amazing mirror on life. Yes, other sporting activities offer life lessons too, yet golf is my preferred pastime and the one I understand most effectively. It is a dependency, a mystical experience, a test of character, a retreat, a source of uncommon joy and distressing discomfort.

No emotional examination that will certainly inform you as much regarding a person’s personality as a round of golf. With spring and summer on their way, here are some of my observations regarding golf and the game of life:

These ten lessons for beginner golfers are the starting point for their journey into the golfing world.

 The Top 10 Lessons for Beginner Golfers

1. Expectations & Flexibility. Golf, like life, is not mastered in a season, and it is especially frustrating if we approach it with inflexible and stubborn expectations. Great golf starts with maximizing, bending, unwinding, and matching our wanted outcomes with the facts of a body expanded and lazy over the winter season. A sense of humor and being of humble goes a long way!

2. Precision of Purpose. Many golfers never stop to think of why they play the game. To win? To have fun? For social factors, or for the challenge? For the exercise? Equally as trying to become rich it commonly produces irritation and dissatisfaction, few will ever play skillfully, and pursuing perfection is an understanding for “error”. Know why you play the game and where you discover your fulfillment and find joy in it.

3. Apparatus. Many golfers have fun with clubs that do not fit them. Graphite shafts and brand-new club designs have actually reinvented golf. Active golfers must have their clubs checked for loft space, lie, and length, and have them re-gripped every so often. Nearly every kind of task is less complicated with the right tools.

4. Foundations. Golf enthusiasts visit extremes. Some take lesson after lesson, attempting to deal with the tiniest imperfection in their pursuit for the best swing. Others dismiss the timeless foundations of grip, position and swing in their eagerness to “do it my way.” Excellence is generally located in a healthy and balanced attitude for learning from the knowledge and expertise of others, while commemorating your diverse propose and approach to the game.

5. Rewarding Technique. On the day of my club competition, I often go to the practice green and watch skillful, devoted golfers practice missing putts. With a little group milling around, they quickly hit putt after putt, damaging their tempo, timing and assurance. Then, in irritation, they wonder what ever before happened to their properly refined putting stroke! In golf, and in life, practice smart. Work for excellence!

6. Smart Preparation. Tour players always play practice rounds. Ben Hogan used to stroll the golf course prior to a competition to find out all its concealed structures and traps. Leading golfers prepare every chance prior to going to the practice range. They’re ready ahead of time so they prepare when the decisive moment arrives. It is a good idea.

7. Speak up. The greatest challenge for young players is to play their finest golf without a nickel in their pocket, usually lonely and away from home. They have reasons to be distracted. What are your reasons? Ram Das pointed out, “Be right here now.” In golf, and in life, it is difficult to succeed if you do not appear, or only turn up for every-other reason!

8. Warm up. Every sportsman, the ones in the very best physical and psychological shape, appreciates their bodies enough to loosen, stretch and practice prior to competition. Unfortunately, most amateurs do not go to all that trouble. We leap out of the car, grab the clubs, and head for the very first tee. Prior to any important event, arrive early, perambulate, unwind, and warm up to the activity at hand.

9. Concentrate on Results. Every golf stroke creates an outcome. Often the ball goes in the hole; sometimes it heads out of bounds. Golf players have the tendency to focus (1) on the outcome they would have favored, which is just dreaming, or (2) on defeating themselves up for being so “silly”, which is uncomfortable. Learn from every swing. Observe the results you in fact get. 

10. Evaluation and Adjust. If you are not getting the outcomes you desire, find the reason. You can trust the ball; it goes where you strike it. If you wish a various result, alter your method, routine, or various other actions until you get the result you desire. Someone pointed out, “Doing the same thing over and over again and anticipating a different result is a mark of insanity.” Successful people discover this quickly; others learn will it eventually.

Hopefully you find that these lessons for beginner golfers are informative and helpful. And that having these lessons at the beginning will set you up for pleasurable experiences on the golf course.