How to Drive a Golf Ball with Style


how to drive a golf ballThere is nothing more beautiful to a golfer than a high flying drive that travels over 250 yards and splits the fairway. Power and accuracy is the key to good tee shots but how do you hit them long and straight consistently? So here’s is how to drive a golf ball with style.

Driving a golf ball begins with the proper grip, ball position and stance.

The first change you will probably need to make to achieve greater distance is to adjust your grip. The longest hitters have very strong grips which mean that their lower hand is more dominant in the swing. For lefthanders this means turning your left hand clockwise so that two to three knuckles are visible as your look down.

Grip strength is determined not by how tight you hold the club but whether your dominant hand is turned more to the right or the left. For lefties a strong grip has the left hand covering more of the right hand while a weaker grip does not. A strong grip will promote a draw which will carry father and then will roll more once it releases because of the top spin it encourages.

Ball position is another big factor that will determine your distance off the tee. You want to get the ball up in the air quickly, so with the driver the best place to position the ball is just inside your front foot. For lefthanders this means lining up the ball with the heel of your right foot. For tee shots you will also want to tee the ball up high for the longest possible drives.

The other big factor which will determine how to drive a golf ball to achieve distance and direction off the tee is your golf stance. Much of your power comes from your legs so you need to set a solid foundation for your swing. Your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart and slightly open to encourage a wide body turn. Lefthanders need to make sure that their front foot is facing out; think of a clock and point the big toe of your right foot at 1 o clock. Since you are setting up to draw the ball from left to right, remember to aim your shot left of your target.

Whether you use the Vardon grip or the Interlock, your wrists should be facing each other in the proper golf grip. When you place your right hand (for lefties) on the club, point your thumb straight down the shaft to make sure that your wrist is properly aligned and then just place the left hand over the right. The wrist on your left hand should be on top of the shaft to insure the proper hinging during the swing.

The swing grip described above will make sure that you achieve the proper hinging of the wrist. As you take the club back, your wrists will lock as you straighten out your front arm. When you get to the top if you have the proper wrist position the club will be parallel to your shoulders in a straight line.

Start down by forcing the butt of the club towards the ground. As you get close to the ball you want to roll your wrists over right at impact. Getting the proper timing for the release of the wrist will take a great deal of practice. If the wrists release too soon your shot will result in a hook and if the wrists fail to roll over you are going to hit a slice. 

Watch the professional from to see just how to drive a golf ball and how easy it is

How to Drive a Golf Ball