2 Golf Swing Tips For the Driver


golf swing tipsHow many times have you stepped up to the tee to drive the golf ball while thinking “I’m going to nail this thing” and before you know your golf ball is swiftly being sliced right and into the rough  simply ONE HUNDRED -150 yards out?

Not only did you not get the distance, on top of that it will be a miracle if you could find the ball. Driving a golf ball can be quite challenging both for experienced and beginner golfers

Here are a few invaluable golf swing tips for driving the golf ball.

# 1 Nine out of ten golfers won’t be able to keep up with you if you are able to do these three easy things

  •  Keep yourself out of trouble whilst driving the golf ball. Remember your focus should not trying to hit the cover off the ball
  •  When you are within 150 yards of the green, you need to be able to get your ball on the green 7 from 10 times.
  •  When chipping the ball, you must have the ability to get it within TWENTY feet of the pin 

By the way, these three things are not that challenging.

Today, we’ll just check out ideas for improvement while driving the golf ball. This is something that is part of the basic golf swing. The key here is that it is simple to apply and we focus on carrying out just one idea every week. This way, you are not overwhelmed with details. 

So what is it that prevents your driving potential? Is it a slice, hook, hitting it fat, or simply inconsistency?

Regardless of what your concern may be, the golf tips is that there are a couple of straightforward things you could do to actually help your golf driving and to eventually help you acquire a much better standard of play. 

  • Golf Swing Tips 1

Drive the golf ball with an easy and fluid swing. You will make more consistent contact with the ball, reduce side twist, and more than most likely your ball will remains in the fairway more often. A 180 lawn drive in YOUR fairway is much better than a 300 lawn drive in someone else’s fairway or someplace in the course (of course you stand the opportunity to eliminate your ball entirely which also adds more movements to your game). Do the liquid and easy golf motorist swing for a week at the range before you play yet another game and the next time you play a game, you’ll find that you have ADDITIONAL usable balls.

  • Golf Swing Tips 2

Less spin means that your ball will take a trip in a straighter line and you’ll be less most likely to preserve an extreme hook or piece while driving the golf ball. Try the Titleist DT Solo, the Precept Laddie, or the Maxfli Noodle.

This really is an easy approach which is why it is called the straightforward golf swing. Using a low spin ball AND incorporate a slower and more fluid swing will help reduce the spin you naturally apply to the golf ball. This will help make certain that you are driving the golf ball in the center of the fairway more frequently. Don’t stress, we’ll also work with driving the golf ball farther, however let’s first work on keeping it straight.