Consistency in Golf Swing


golf swingThe most sought after result from a lesson or series of lessons is consistency in your golf swing.
Webster’s Dictionary describes consistency as it relates to this demand is:

Harmony of conduct or practice.

Ability to be asserted together without contradiction.

Firmness of constitution or character.

Related Words compactness, firmness, solidity.

I think exactly what each student that requests consistency in their golf swing is searching for their swing to have the “ability to be stated together without contradiction”. This is an understanding of the sequence of the swing motion. This understanding belongs to each and every person who swings a club.
The problem is not the “potential” as much as it is the “contradiction”. How many different concepts about the golf swing have been presented to you in the years you have played golf? The number of in the last 2 hours you checked out the Golf Channel? The number of the last time you played with your good friends?
Every gamer has a level of physical capacity; golf has a quite certain collection of principles. Following these basics with a “harmony of conduct or technique” needs a “firmness of constitution or personality” nonetheless; if you do not fluctuate from your process you will get the capability to insist your swing each time without contradiction.
If you want “consistency’ in your game take the time to know the fundamentals of the following facets of your personal game and the most efficient and practical method to set about creating “your swing”; “asserted together without contradiction”.

  • Setup — Hold, aim, Stance, Posture.
  • Swing Motion — “Back & Up, Down & Through”– “Swing the Club head”.
  • Putting — “The Game within the Game”.
  • Green side Play — “The best place to reduce your score”.

If your TARGET is to improve your consistency; contact your local PGA Training Professional. Learn to recognize the “fundamentals” then create the “firmness of constitution & personality” to establish a plan. After that, stick with a plan particular to you with a “consistency of conduct & technique”. Provide the right amount of practice time and you will create a game that has the “ability to be stated together without contradiction.