Good Golf Swing Tips

golf swingThe fundamentals of a good golf swing are clear when looking at professional golfers, there are 5 patent observations that are noticeable from almost every player on tour, and to have some understanding of these 5 essentials can drastically improve your game!

1. The setup: All great golfers have an excellent setup position. The shoulders, hips, arms, and feet are all square to the target line. This facilitates the pros to hit first class shots time after time, because from the beginning they have eliminated many difficulties that curse that average player, just by perfecting the setup position.

2. Swing Tempo: While tempo varies from player to player, it is still one of the fundamentals of a good golf swing. The reason is because good tempo allows for a fine transition from the backswing to the downswing, keeps other body part moving as one the right way, and helps guarantee solid shots.

3. Top of the backswing: Most of the pros are almost perfectly parallel at the top of the backswing, and you can tell that they have a good grip on the club, and are in good balance.

4. The downswing. All golfers on the PGA tour start their downswing with the lower body. This is very important because it creates power and leverage, which are both, vital to produce distance and accuracy.

5. Last but not least is the follow through. I noticed that the pros always match the follow through with the kind of shot they are trying to hit. For example, a low shot has a low follow through; a high shot has a high follow through, etc.

These are 5 fundamentals of a fine golf swing, and should help you hit admirable shots time after time! Remember it does take practice. Like all top professionals the amount of practice you do correlates with the scores you achieve on the golf course.