Developing Good Golf Putting Drills


golf putting drillsIt is essential for a new golfer to learn good golfing habits and a big part of this is developing good golf putting drills. Many times taking tips from close friends can cause a new golfer to easily develop some really bad skills.

When this occurs a setback takes place and they will have to relearn techniques again, which only confuses matters. When a golfer starts by taking beginner golf lessons from a professional, this type of problem will not come about.

Experienced golfers often take lessons when they begin having difficulties with certain areas of their game. None of us ever get too old to learn. When participating in lessons, always be confident that a professional golfer is your instructor. You want quality instruction and not obliging advice from friends.

For those who might be considering taking some beginner golf lessons, here are some likely areas of instruction you will receive:

Beginner golf lesson ideas

1. Developing a good drive will be a big benefit to your golf game. A lot of golfers struggle with their drive. A professional can give you some great tips to help you to develop a good solid drive.

2. Good putting skills are very important in achieving a good golf score. Beginner golf lessons will cover putting techniques that will likely be a big influence toward improvement in your golf score. Lady golfers often find their golfing strength in putting.

3. You might have a lousy set of golf clubs, but lessons will enable you to do more with your lousy golf clubs than an inexperienced golfer who has a great set of clubs.

4. Learning how to effectively get out of the rough is something a pro can help you with. In fact, a pro can even show you how to do it so you might have a better approach.

5. A golf professional will help you develop a good swing. Your swing is of the utmost importance. It can contribute greatly to your golfing progress.

6. One of the best things about taking golf lessons for beginners from a professional is that it will help you to develop confidence, which will make golfing even more enjoyable.

Taking lessons to improve your golf game is an excellent start for beginner golfers. If you want to take up the challenge then having a proven set of techniques and guidelines on how to play the game properly is the only way to start. For instance, the average golfer takes 43% of their total amount of shots during a game in putting. That means you’re using your putter twice as much as any other club in your bag. That’s why you absolutely need to have to a clear understanding of why you’re putting game is so important. Because no matter how well you’re able to strike the ball with all your other clubs, until you roll that little white ball into the hole, you have no score. So let’s have a close look at putting

Practicing putting with the golf putting drills below is one of the best ways to reduce the number of 3 putts you make out on the golf course.

The idea behind lag putting is to take the hole out of the equation and putt the golf ball with the right pace, so that it stops within an area that is close enough to the hole, so that you are confident in tapping it in.

Just imagine the number of shots you could save if you could turn all of those 3 putts into 2 putts!

To practice this putting drill you will need to find a practice putting green that is fairly large, as you will need plenty of space!

Golf Putting Drills:

1. Get a ball of string and cut 5 pieces that are roughly 6 feet in length
2. Lay the pieces of string down on the putting green so they are horizontally aligned and at about 3 feet apart.
3. Grab 10 golf balls and position yourself about 12 feet away from the first piece of string that you have laid down.
4. Now putt all 10 balls into the area between the first and second piece of string and don’t move on to the next distance until you have managed to land all 10 balls in that first area.

This is a great golf putting drill to help develop your feel for distance control and also teaches you how to lag putt under pressure, as when you reach the 7th, 8th and the 9th putt you will not want to start all over again!