Golf Lessons For Beginners:  Tips and Strategies


golf lessons for beginnersGolfing legend Arnold Palmer loved to tell people the more he practices the luckier he gets. The truth about golf is that it is a game which must be learned. There are natural athletes who will excel at football and baseball the first time they step on the field but that is not the case in golf.

For the golfer who is just starting out, it is very important to learn the basics of the setup and the swing before developing any bad habits. Positioning your body to the ball properly will make sure that you have a better chance to consistently hit good shots. So here are some of the basics in golf lessons.

Golf Lessons For Beginners: Important Things to Know

The goal for any beginning golfer should be to develop a consistent golf swing that is nearly always be the same whether you have a driver in your hand or a nine iron.

To begin our Golf Lessons For Beginners, the execution of a consistent swing lies in understanding the basic golf terminology. Address and alignment are two keys to your setup, both refer to the position of your body and club as you get ready to strike the ball. You should address the ball from an upright position with your knees slightly flexed and bend slightly at the waist. Align the ball just inside your front foot to make sure that you catch the ball on your upswing which will help get the ball up into the air.

The backswing is where you start to take the club away from the ball. Begin your swing by moving your hands back as you turn your shoulder and hips away from the target. The downswing is where you begin to return the club to the ball. It is very important to roll over your wrists to get the clubface square at impact. In golf terminology, a slice will result when the clubface is open at impact and you will hit a hook when the face of the club is too closed. If you come down too sharply you will hit the ground before the ball and tear up the turf – that is called a divot.

Golfers are always asking what the best clubs for beginners are and the brand doesn’t really matter. The best golf clubs are ones that fit you properly. A golf professional can work with you to recommend the proper club length and shaft type.

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