Targeting your Golf Shot

How to line up your golf shot square to your target appears to be among the most primary errors that beginner and even some experienced golfers make. They usually line up right of their target (for righties, or left for lefties). Their feet and shoulder line will end up pointing straight at their target and their club face will be aiming in a direction that is parallel to their feet and shoulder line,

How to Put Backspin on Your Golf Ball

To hit a shot that draws back quickly 5-10 feet after landing like it was on a string, is putting backspin on a ball which isn’t easy. You need the correct technique and the right conditions to do it. You also need the precise ball. However, once you know how, you’ll start hitting it closer to those tricky pin placements.

The Golf Short Game is Critical

The Critical Golf Short Game   The golf short game is definitely a critical element in the process of learning how to fire lower golf scores. Perhaps the most significant key to bear in mind is that there are no shortcuts to learning the short game as it will involve...

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