Choosing The Golf Clubs


golf clubs

The short answer to that question is: the set that improves your game. But how can the right set of clubs improve your golf game? It’s simple, really. If you have the right set of clubs, you will have the right swing, the right power and the opportunity to reduce strokes off at every hole.

When you decide to take up playing golf, you could go mad buying every golf accessory you can place your hands on. You may have visions of your best swing on emerald fairways; extolling your scores and seeing everybody turn just a little greener with envy. Before you rush out and spend a lot of money, just consider a few things before you do.

Consider one of the most important parts of your golf game and the golf equipment you need. You should look for the following when buying your clubs: You’ll be glad you did…

  • Right Size: clubs that are the wrong size will throw your golf swing off and may even injure you. Bending over, to use a club that is too short or trying to work through with one that is too long will throw your entire game off.
  • Right Type: clubs have different purposes for hitting different shots. A beginner will only need a few golf clubs as they develop their game and can add new clubs to their bag as they go. Your basic set up should include a driver, wedge, putter and irons.
  • Right Price: clubs can range from reasonable to very expensive and will depend on what they are made of, their brand and where you buy them. A good rule of thumb to follow here is to buy the best clubs that you can afford for your game right now.
  • This means, if you only play once or twice, a good set of used clubs is perfectly fine.

Make sure that you do not overdo it when you are looking for golf clubs. If you find that you really like the game and plan to keep playing, upgrade a club at a time until you have a full set of good clubs.

Now, you might wonder how you find the right set of clubs to begin with, especially if you have never golfed before. Finding the right set of golf clubs might take some trial and error, so it might be a good idea to rent before committing to a new set. You might also consider:

  • The type of swing and the style of your golf game. Every golfer has a different approach and different swing. The right set of clubs will take into account the little variations that you have in your game.
  • The length and weight that is right for your game. Making sure that your clubs are the right size for you is important. Making sure that the golf clubs are the right material and feel for you is essential as well.
  • The right type of clubs for the right moment during the game. You use different clubs for different situations during each round of golf. Knowing which club you need and when is important, but knowing will not matter if you do not have it in your bag.

Asking for help when buying clubs is a good idea. Make sure that you are shopping where knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about fit, material and reasonable prices for your new golf club purchase. Shopping at the average retailer might not be helpful for a beginner, but once you know which set of clubs is right for you, it is perfectly fine.