How Different Irons Affect Your Golf Swing

How Different Irons Affect Your Golf Swing

How Each Iron can Affect your Golf Swing

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For most golfers, the irons are the true workhorses of the game. Learning to master the irons, however, can be a daunting task. The good news is, while successful iron play can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible.

All the best equipment in the world won’t help you one iota if your swing technique isn’t up to scratch. The Golf Swing Speed Challenge has all the secrets you need to see serious improvement in your scores:

To master your irons, you need to know how each one demands a change in your swing and what those changes are.

The Long Irons

The long irons are the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-irons. You almost never see the 1-iron anymore. It had about as much loft to its face as the common putter does, and it was (and still is) one of the most difficult clubs to master.

The 2-iron is almost as extinct as the 1, having been replaced by the hybrid woods now available.

When playing long irons, it is best to avoid taking too wide a stance at address. A stance that is too wide can result in your playing the ball too far back. Instead, your feet should be a bit wider than shoulder-width with the ball played toward the forward foot.

A good long iron shot demands that your body stay behind the ball and that your hands and arms are pulling your body through the impact zone.

The Mid-Irons (5-, 6-, 7-irons)

There are no set rules for playing your mid-irons other than doing what is needed to make the shot. Mid-irons are incredibly flexible clubs, and any one club can perform the job of many other clubs if used properly for the occasion.

For me, mid-iron play is dominated by my shoulders. As my shoulders turn away for the backswing, my arms and hands follow. This allows for the club head to take a swing plane inside the line.

Somewhere around hip-height, my wrists cock upwards, thus putting the shaft on its vertical plane. The right elbow stays in close, and the weight shift begins.

At the top of the backswing, about 85 percent of your weight should be on your right side. It is important to remember to keep your weight centered on the inside of your right foot and leg, not on the outside.

While your shoulders are at a 90-degree turn, your hips should only be at 45 degrees. This gives your body the tension it needs to coil as it begins the downswing.

The Short Irons (8-, 9-iron)

These two clubs can be a godsend for those who have trouble playing their wedges. Both the 8- and the 9-iron have plenty of lofts to get the ball up in the air, when needed, yet not so much that they cannot be used for low-chipping and pitching.

The manner in which you change your golf swing when playing these clubs depends on the lay and the shot you are trying to make. 

For example, if you need to get some elevation on the ball, but only have a few yards before you need the ball to come down, try weakening your grip. For right- handed golfers, this means rotating the hands slightly to the left.
One of the most common mistakes made with these clubs, however, has everything to do with your swing: Don’t ask your irons to do more than they should when it comes to distance.
Many golfers will often try to get 125 percent out of their 8- or 9-iron (in distance, that is) when they would do better if they tried 80 percent with a 7-iron.
The short irons require that you swing down on the ball while keeping club head speed. Positioning the ball properly in your stance is the key to performing this trick.

Improve your swing dramatically and add solid yards to your drives with The Golf Swing Speed Challenge:
Remember, your short-iron swing does not always have to be a full swing and it does not always have to be 100 percent (or more)!


5 Fundamental Ways for Hitting Great Iron Shots

5 Fundamental Ways for Hitting Great Iron Shots

5 of Best Ways to Hit Great Iron Shots


iron shots

Easy Iron Play Pointer For Golfers of All Standards

Something all of us need to consider when striking iron shots is ball placement.

When striking your longer irons the ball needs to be a little further onward in your stance than when you are arriving your shorter irons.

That’s due to the means the golf swing jobs and the width of the golf swing.

As a simple reference, in between your three, four and 5 iron and your 9 and wedge, there ought to have to do with two inches distinction in where the ball is placed in regard to your feet.

Keep in mind, naturally, that when you’re using a mid to short iron shots you’re not after distance alone, not like when arriving a driver, golf course timber or even a lengthy iron.

Don’t forget that you just want to swing the golf club at around  75 % -80 % of your full power to ensure that you have complete control and consistency. It’s crucial that reliability is the important point for these irons, because we’re now not striking a 30-40 broad fairway with our irons, we’re in fact hitting onto the ball the green now.

The closer to the green you get, the more you should be aiming for the hole itself. Remember with iron shots, wedge shots, if you aim for the hole itself and don’t just aim to hit it on the green, then even if you don’t quite hit it as well as you would like, at least then you’re just going to miss the flag and not the green.

If you lose your focus and merely hit at the green as opposed to aiming to get the ball close, you’ll discover you’ll miss more greens. So keep your concentration and go for as small a target as possible.

One great suggestion is to take one club more than you would usually hit, and hold down the grip. This will enable you make an easy swing, instead of using 100 % power.

Keep in mind, at the end of the day, it is how many shots that are counted, not how you hit them.

Knowing the fundamental principles of a simple golf swing is the initial step in becoming the golf player you would like to be. The golf swing is comprised of essential elements that will take you to that next level of play. The simple golf swing is possible whether you are a beginner or advanced; the basis of golf will certainly never ever change.

While the basis of golf will certainly never change, it is important to bear in mind that your body and mindset is different than others. This is exactly what separates golfers! While the straightforward golf swing is constantly there, it will be different from other golfers.  You may be able to resemble the golf swing of others but your physique is different as is your mindset. 

It is merely a matter of doing the standard stuff repeatedly. Any kind of seasoned golfer will certainly tell you that you must not avoid any sort of step of understanding the game. A swing is composed of four components and it begins with the grip. There are various kinds of  grip. You do not need to discover all types of grip before you start to play. If you know how to hold a baseball bat, then you are all set. Baseball grip is the most suggested grip specifically for beginners. Hitting the ball is not the end of the easy golf swing with a smooth follow through makes any type of golfer feel pleasure and excitement as the ball rises in the air, get to a gorgeous position, contact the fairway and rolls onto the green to the hole.

Have you ever noticed how some golfers are comfortable playing their long irons, while others are only comfortable playing their short irons? To be a good overall golfer you must be comfortable with both.

Here are 5 fundamental tips for improving your iron play.

Start with your grip:

For many golfers, the tendency to slice or hook the ball is greater with their irons than with their woods. There can be several reasons for this, but a highly common one is the grip.

If you tend to hook or slice with your irons, inspect your grip before you do anything else. A weak grip will often result in a slice, and an overly strong grip will often result in a wicked little hook. The best grip is a neutral one that is not held too tightly.

Target Line is Crucial:

After checking your grip, inspect your set-up as it relates to the target line. Surprisingly, many golfers will set up with their feet, hips and shoulders out of alignment when playing their irons.

If your body is not positioned properly on the target line, your shots are going to be off. It is that simple. Have a buddy stand in line with you and the target, and have him or her help you find the correct, square line.

Here is simple way to check your line if you are alone. This tip can also help you determine if you are cocking your wrists correctly.

First, lay a golf club or a broom handle at your feet in line with your target. Take your stance. Ever so slowly begin your backswing. Look down as you do this to see if your hands are lined up with the club or broom at your feet. They should be.

As you continue bringing the club back, remember that the club you are swinging should not become parallel with the ground until your hands are at hip level. You want to make sure that your wrists do not cock prior to your hands getting to hip level.

As you practice your backswing with your irons, it is important to remember that a straight left arm is what you want once you get to the very top of your backswing. Some bend is okay, but if you are physically able to do so, try to keep it straight.

This is also a good time to check the position of the iron’s club head. It should be directly over your rear shoulder once you get to the top of your backswing (for a full swing shot).

Iron play requires that your head be behind the ball at impact. It also demands that your hips be open. Depending on the club you are using and the shot you are attempting to make, your hands as well as the shaft of the club should be forward of the ball at impact.

Some wedges require that your hands be way ahead of the ball at impact so keep this in mind as you move down your clubs.

Playing your irons does not have to be confusing. It does, however, require you to practice with them. Remember to adjust the ball position between your feet as you move from club to club. It may take a bit of experimenting before you find your settings.
Spend as much time with your irons as you do your driver, and you will be amazed at how well this pays off for you on the course.


5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2016

5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2016

The Golf Swing Analyzer 2016

golf swing analyzerNowadays, as we know, information is the key to understanding anything. Therefore, it only seems logical that more information can lead to better understanding. That’s one way to look at the influx of motion-capture analysis tools for the golf swing that are available on the golf market today.  And how several companies are looking to expand the average golfers’ potential for analyzing their own swings.

The idea is to better capture what’s going on at more points in the swing, or more precisely what’s going wrong. Analyzer’s  reports data on clubface path, transition, face angle at impact and weight shift. In fact, it measures face angle throughout the swing. Linked to your smartphone, the app assesses address position, backswing, downswing and impact with distinct thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons. The app also provides instant tips to attack trouble areas. So which are the better ones that golfers can use to improve their golf swing and what are the pro’s and con’s to the top 5? 

  • SkyPro Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Club shaft
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Club head Speed, Putt Tempo, Face angle, Loft-Path direction, Rise angle, Shaft angle, Shaft lean, Putt length, Shaft direction
  • Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Club
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Epson’s Core Sensing Technology, Instant Results, 360 Degrees and 3D Swing Path, Critical Checkpoints, Speed and Distance, Swing Comparison, Key Swing Metrics, Bluetooth
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Golf Glove
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES 3D Swing, Club head Speed, Putt Tempo, Swing Plane, Backswing Position, Video Pro Swing, Video Compare to Pros, Personalized Training report
  • SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Club’s Butt
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Voice Feedback, Actual movement of the shaft, True path of club head, SwingTalk Cloud, Key Point Analysis : Address, backswing, backswing top, downswing, impact,
  • Blast Motion 3D
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Putter or driver
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Bluetooth Smart Technology, 3D Motion Metrics Synchronization, Adaptive Slow-mo Technology, Putting Metrics Capturing, Full Swing Metrics Capturing, Smart Video Capture

Taking a lesson might be among the main matters you could do to enhance your match. Golf hints are present just about everyplace and shooting a low score is the aim of every golfer. Yet, often you’ll find your handicap stays at a certain range for a long period of time. Simply by playing golf more generally you’ll very seldom enhance your match. Reviews may give you some needed information for development. Lets talk about the truth and value of taking a golf swing analyzer 2016

Why should you use a swing analyzer?

 Golf Swing AnalyzerWell, the golf swing guru is among the top training guides you’ll be able to get. It’s completely clear and nicely composed.You’ll see results quicker than you might imagine should you follow his recommendations.

It’s a great posture is really significant in case you’d like to optimize space and power and goes in detail on the best way to grasp your club. The graphics are extremely professional and simple to comprehend.

Among the best golf swing analyzer benefits is the fact that you can have immediate access to your publication as it’s completely downloadable. What this means is no waiting and also you can begin right away with your training.

The publication is the central merchandise here but you get lots of free and precious plus like training clips which show you the right moves. In addition, you get live tele-seminars swing analyzer program, weekly strategies and lessons, worksheets and much more.

As it is possible to see the entire bundle of the training class is extremely useful and it’s worth your time! This guide is mainly for you in case you would like to improve your match.

In the event you are a beginner or a professional to the sport of golf you most likely realize the golf swing is the real key to your match. Your match do change but you can beat nearly everything, when you are in possession of the best golf swing.

Things to Consider To Buy the Best Golf Swing Analyzer.

Technology has greatly improved golfing as with simple attachment and your Smartphone you can now get a complete and detailed analysis of important things like club head speed, golf swing, club rotation and much more. A golf swing analyzer even lets you compare your swing to that of a PGA Tour professional. However, to enjoy all this you have to buy the best analyzer as there are many companies out there that sell them. To make sure that you get the best you should consider the following important things.

A good golf swing analyzer should enhance your performance and not interfere with your play. One way to ensure that it does not interfere with your play is that it should be attached in a suitable location. Different analyzers are attached at various places, and so you should choose that is attachable to the most convenient place for you. The common attachment areas are the club’s shaft, club’s butt or on your golf glove.


Data is the most important thing that these types of devices will offer you. The more the data the analyzer is capable of providing you with, the better it is for you. Besides from this, how the data is presented to you is also vital. Look for an analyzer that will not only offer you valuable data but one that will also present it a way that the average golfer can understand. Some analyzers use very technical terms and complicated modes of data presentation, and so it becomes very difficult for you to understand and interpret the data that you get.

Your Budget

Golf swing analyzers come in different price ranges, and so your budget should determine the best one for you is. These devices might not be the most expensive golf wearables but given the fact that you will spend some money whatever you buy should be within your budget.

Ease of Use

The efficiency of a swing analyzer will depend on its ease of use. If you are having trouble using the analyzer, then you will not get maximum efficiency from it or realize its full potential. A good analyzer should have very few control buttons if need be. Most importantly it should be a plug and play meaning that once you attach it on your club everything else should be automatic.

Tracks and Records

A good golf swing analyzer should keep track and record different types of data that you can use to improve your swing. Some of the important data that the golf swinger analyzer tracks and records include swing path, tempo, speed and face angle at impact. The more the types of data the swinger can track the more efficient it will be.


The specifications are what define a good analyzer, and so you should be keen on them and ensure that you understand all its specifications. You should consider things like size, shape, brand and perceived accuracy of the analyzer.

IOS/Android Compatibility

If the application is not compatible with your device, then you will find it difficult to use it. A good analyzer should be compatible with both Android and IOS phones and tablets.

Customer Review

Read as many customer reviews as possible before buying a golf swing analyzer so that you can know what other people have to say about it. However, only read reviews from reliable online retailers like Amazon unbiased opinions written by genuine customers.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing ?

Improving Golf Swing Tips


Excellent Method To Improve Your Swing

Using the best analyzer for training with a professional

In the event you are feeling as if you’ve exhausted every other process of enhancing you could consider using the best golf swing analyzer is ideal. This is software that’s used by means of your computer which can show you where you’re going wrong with your swing. Only movie your golf swing and run the video through the applications that will then compute your strengths and weaknesses during the duration of your swing.

You’ll be able to use it to change your swing where it’s desired without the requirement for a trainer or paying for professional lessons, once you’ve done this. Using such a applications is not bad in case you enjoy to be in charge of your learning and like to see for yourself where you’re going wrong. Occasionally it can make all the difference as this wouldn’t usually occur whilst you were playing to really see yourself. If you would like to get a golf swing that is better reveal yourself the best way to enhance and invest in the golf swing analyzer

When you practice basically you’re experiencing a self-evaluation that actually doesn’t provide a treatment of what you might be to you do incorrect. The skillful methods to improve your golf game would be to visit a golf swing training school. Serious golfers ordinarily sign up for a golf swing lesson with a professional teacher. The PGA (Professional Golfers Association of America) is composed of golf teachers. Each of these teachers has gone through the required certification procedure, including examining direction of a golf course, in addition to every area of golf. Pass it in addition they need to take an aptitude test, and take part in pro shop direction work programs. At exactly the same time, they should get continuing instruction to maintain the certificate they’ve earned.

As it pertains to a golf swing lesson with a professional, a commonly session is one hour long and takes place at a golf course or a driving range. While a golf swing lesson with a professional functions best in a one on one scenario, some teachers are currently executing video and computer technology as a way to estimate and assess the swing of a golfer. Golf swing analyzer is an excellent means to improve your golf game. It’s possible for you to make use of a video and play it back to take a look at the trajectory of the ball as well as your swing. The game of golf isn’t all about the swing it’s also about the attitude. Professional teachers get you tuned in on the attitude of the game of golf and give you guidance. You can appear within the yellow pages of your phone book, to discover a golf swing lesson. The PGA, can also offer you contacts to golf professionals you’ll find other info, listings, and programs. You need to be ready to pay a substantial sum of money for every golf swing lesson. PGA professionals usually charge anywhere from $50 to $100 for every hour of lessons. You can spend less by choosing to get a multiple lesson bundles.


Here are our 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

SkyPro, Epson M-Tracer, Zepp, SwingTalk, Blast Motion


SkyPro Golf Swing Reviews

When I was first introduced to SkyPro, I was quite skeptical, and I didn’t even think that it will add any value to my game. My thinking was that it was one of those devices that give you many numbers that you never know how to use. However, on using this analyzer I was able to gather more information about my swing than ever before. After analyzing the swings using the device, I good an in-depth analysis of the areas I need to work, and I can tell you for sure that my swing is no longer what it used to be. sky-golf-SkyGolf SkyPro Swing Analyzer




  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • It does not limit you to one camera angle as it gives you a 3D Freedom of view.
  • You can be able to play back your swing in real time and at variable speeds.
  • You can be able to compare between different swings in your swing library.
  • It makes it possible for you to zoom in for a close-up view of any point in your swing.



  • This device is quite expensive.
  • It only provides information related to your swing, and so it cannot be used to analyze other important aspects of your game.


Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Review


best golf swing analyzer

The first thing that caught my attention is just how well it fits on the club and the fact that you will hardly even notice that it is there due to its lightweight. Accuracy and the fact that you get data from all the key swing metrics in real time is also another thing that will leave you a happy golfer. However, the thing that make M-Tracer become the best analyzer is that it captures swing data from all angles that you could ever wish for and so you can use it to improve you swing within a very short time.



  • It is portable and very easy to use as it is compact and lightweight. This swing analyzer will fasten securely on the grip and will not affect your swing. In fact, you will hardly even notice it is there.
  • The M-tracer is one of the most if not the most accurate swing analyzers on the market as it has an accuracy of one-tenth of a degree. And it maintains this accuracy throughout its lifetime.
  • Provides you with real-time data so that you can know what you are doing right or wrong whether you are practicing or playing a game with your golfing buddies.
  • Another significant advantage that you get from this device is that it utilizes advanced technology to help give you reliable information that you can use to improve your swing significantly.


  • The data or the number that you get may be a little complicated for some golfers to interpret and hence cannot use it to improve their swing. However, this is only true for new golfers, but things will become easier as they get used to it.
  • Its price is on the higher end of the scale since you can find others at half the price but the M-Tracer will offer you value that can be matched by very few others. And so this makes it worth every coin spent on it.


Zepp Analyzer

I might not be a pro golfer, but I have been playing this wonderful sport for close to two decades now. Regardless of the fact that none of my buddies are pro’s we still compete against each other and nothings feels better that coming out the victor in a golfing weekend. It is the need to outshine my buddies that led me to the discovery of the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer. When I first saw this device I was quite skeptical and wondered how such a small thing would have any effect on my game. However, this little device gave me more information about my swing than I had expected, and it also helped me know what I needed to do to improve my game. To cut the long story short five weeks after I started using the Zepp analyzer, I was the star among my buddies with a swing that could easily pass for a pro.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing AnalyzZepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzerer


  • It comes in a swing-friendly design that will ensure that it never gets in your way. In fact, you would hardly ever notice it is there.
  • Besides from golf, it can be used in other sports like baseball, tennis and softball.
  • The results are easy to interpret and understand as it comes with a color coded dashboard.
  • It allows you to compare your swings with pro golfers so that you can just how good you are.


  • It does not come with an instructional manual and so you might be forced to go online for more information.
  • The video feature might be very difficult to use if you are golfing alone.


SwingTalk Analyzer Review

This device may not be an instructional manual that will coach you on how to improve your swing, but it will give you information that is more valuable than that. When I fixed it on my club, I was perplexed by what followed. On each swing, I got different types of information about my swing. Using this information, I began working on my weak areas, and soon I improved my swing in so many ways. My friends were left asking where I went for some lessons but when I recommended this analyzer to them they learned that it was all any golfer needs to improve their game.



SwingTalk Golf Swing AnalyzerSwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer



  • It is very easy to set up and use.
  • The SwingTalk will give you more valuable information about your swing than any other device.
  • The sleek design makes your club look stylish and attractive.
  • It is very accurate, and so you can rely on the data you get from the device.
  • Besides from being very easy to mount the device is also made from a very durable material meaning that it can withstand rough training.


  • SwingTalk analyzer is an expensive device, and so you should be ready to part with a decent amount of money to own one.
  • It has a short battery life and sometimes the Bluetooth connection might have some issues.


Blast Motion- The Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2016

I have always been fascinated by golf wearables despite the fact that I have had my own share of disappointments with some of the devices I have bought. However, when I saw the Blast Motion Golf Swinger analyzer I knew it was special even before I used it.

Once I had downloaded the app on my Smartphone, I was good to go. The analyzer also easily attached to my drivers and putters without interfering with my game at all. Moreover, I could replay and share my video and metric highlights to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I was looking for a device that would help improve my putting experience in the greens, but I go away more than I had hoped for. With the aid of the accurate measurement of different metrics that Blast Motion provides, I am now able to put almost everything that I look at, and I think it is the best golf swing analyzer  I have so far.

Blast Motion Golf Swing 2




  • Easily attaches to the end of nearly all standard putters and drivers.
  • The Bluetooth Smart Technology will help you to connect it easily to your tablet or phone.
  • Recorded videos will give you a better understanding of all the important swing and putter metrics.
  • It knows when to dynamically power-up patented motion detection algorithms. With this analyzer, everything is done automatically, and so you will never have to worry about missing anything.
  • Made from a rainproof material to ensure continued use even in wet conditions.


  • There is hardly any problem with this analyzer, and so the only thing that may be a drawback for some people is the price tag.


The top 5 analyzers it will tell you how far into your downswing you cock your wrists, your face angle relative to address, as well relative to swing path and club path, your attack angle and the difference in your backswing and downswing planes, so there is a lot of data to take in. They also offer statistical explanations so that it makes some sense to a beginner trying to understand the information for the first time.

The information in each swing is in depth and you can spend hours looking at either your amazing — or terrifying — swing all recreated in digital form.

There’s plenty to learn from each of these products, however, what you do with that information is up to you. This kind of data is a great place to start and to have a lesson with an golf professional using this data would be my recommendation. It will differently help you set a groove with your swing, and that’s great for your overall enjoyment and improvement in the game.


5 Little-Known Shawn Kelly’s Golf Tips

5 Little-Known Shawn Kelly’s Golf Tips

Shawn Kelly’s Golf Tips Factors That Could Affect Your Game


golf tipsShawn Kelly’s Golf Tips

Here are some golf tips for you golfers out there.

Golf practice does not always have to be implemented outdoors. Creative players can find plenty of ways to improve their games at home or indoors. There is the timely and sagacious Kelly axiom which states, “Life gets in the way of golf all the time,” and sometimes weather as well. Simply, it seems that there is never adequate time to improve our swings the way we would like.

Training aids and drills at home, or short game practice if you have the room, can be easy to implement when you can’t get to the course. Of course we’ll miss seeing you at the shop, but here are a few methods that I employ to improve my game at home.

Training aids are important to accelerate the “feel process” of the golf swing. There are hundreds of training aids on the market that can help improve your swing. I have always believed that if you understand and trust in the product, it will help you. I personally have supreme confidence in the two that I use, the ASSIST and the Divot Mat.

Anyone who knows me knows my story about the ASSIST training device and how it never leaves my bag. The ASSIST has a bent shaft with a funny shaped yellow head and a grip that has bumps on it to position your hands. I have swung this club for over 20 years and credit it for the swing I have today and my consistency throughout the years. I swing my ASSIST as much as possible, certainly before every practice or play and when I do my drills at home. This training device will never leave my bag!

Divot Mat is another aid that I feel is destined to become a must for every golfer. Divot Mat is an aid that will allow you to see the “finger print of every swing” as you swing across a plastic mat with a special paper on top that marks the divot pattern of each swing. You’ll get the instant feedback of your “virtual divot” and the feel of a proper angle of attack will improve your swing immediately. Endorsed by Fred Couples, this is a great aid to use indoors or out to improve your swing. Contact for more information and sales.

A simple piece of a 2-by-4 can be used for two good drills, one for putting and one for the swing. Start by laying a piece of a 2-by-4 on its side in front of you and swing your favorite club while working on the path of your swing. Avoid hitting the board as you swing the club along. It should help you groove your swing path.

Now take that board, lay it flat and grab your putter. Stand with your toes parallel to the board and put the heel of your putter on the far side of the board. Slide the head back and forth without stopping and feel the sensation of the back-and-forth stroke. This drill is great for the three- to four-footers on the course. Putting on carpet to a water glass or having an artificial turf green are great tools for improving your putting stroke.

When the rain is falling or life is getting in your way, find ways to practice indoors to improve your golf game. Try a little bit of homework, because these golf tips can really work.

FORE, in the kitchen!

Golf Tips: Chipping and Improving Your Short Game

Golf Tips: Chipping and Improving Your Short Game

Golf Tips: Chipping

golf tips chippingHere is some golf tips on chipping that will help your short game, especially if you suffer from the dreaded yips or worse yet – the dreaded shanks. Look at the hole while you make your swing. It is the same principal that Jordan Spieth uses in putting. He looks at the hole while making his stroke. It allows your brain to focus totally on the target and not on the technical aspects of the stroke or swing. It is not difficult to accomplish, it simply takes a little practice in order for you to get comfortable with it. I can promise you that it is worth it to give it a try.

I first discovered this working with blind children. In order to better relate to them, I learned to hit balls with my eyes closed. After you get over the initial panic, you suddenly develop a much better feel for where the club is during the swing. The blind children, in many cases, actually developed faster than children with normal eyesight. Once they made contact with the ball the first time they knew exactly what to do from then on.

The major cause of poor chipping and pitching is the fear of failure. When you become afraid that you are going to hit a poor shot, your conscious mind tries to control what happens at impact and it simply cannot do it. An example of this is walking a straight line. Most of us can do that with no problem until a policeman shines a flashlight in our face and asks us to do it. If you start thinking about or trying to consciously control walking you will fail every time.

Those of you that read my Golf Tips on chipping and articles know that I focus on the average golfer. I am not remotely interested in what elite or tour caliber players do. They have extraordinary skills and talent that completely separates them from the average golfer and what is useful to him. 

Golf Tips Chipping

His name is Craig Jones you can check him out here.

Todd Anderson: Fix Your Golf Swing Fundamentals

Todd Anderson: Fix Your Golf Swing Fundamentals

Golf Swing Fundamentals

golf swing

Nothing beats going back to basics. In fact, all of the quick tips and band-aids you hear are just clever ways of teaching these time-tested moves. My goal here is to remind you of the key positions at every point in the golf swing. But you don’t want to get too position-conscious, so I’ve also included some sports images to help you feel the motion. If you’re a technical thinker, focus on the positions; if you’re a feel player, stick to the sports images. Either way, you’ll fix your fundamentals, and that’s the quickest way to improve.