Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Golf Clubs Review

Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Golf Clubs Review

Golf Clubs Review


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For those simply getting into the world of golf, they will encounter a great deal of choices in golf equipment, and they will need to try a variety of clubs from different golf brand names.

Therefore, I would like to analyse three major golf producers and discuss a few of their advantages in this review.

This is for those beginners who wish to be become familiar with the clubs from Callaway, TaylorMade,and Titleist. These three brands occupy more than fifty % of international golf club sales. Additionally, we know that their golf equipment are used by the majority professional golfers worldwide. Titleist Golf, TaylorMade Golf, and Callaway Golf hold the highest market exposure. They primarily take the lead in the golf market and in club technology.

Therefore let us discuss these three major brand names.


Callaway Golf equipment is the very first manufacturer to have made the golf club head with stainless steel. Callaway clubs are most used prior to 2000. However later TaylorMade seized that rank. Callaway FT-3, FT-9, Diablo Edge clubs lead the advancement of Callaway clubs in quality and effectiveness. However, they are not as easy to control as TaylorMade clubs are. Callaway transformed the design style in 2012, which makes golfers to feel the distinction in design.

Callaway X22 Irons are their classic designs. Great many golf players regard Callaway new released irons very highly. Callaway clubs are first-rate in effectiveness and quality. However, they are a few hard to control for beginners.


Titleist golf clubs are not the first in sales ranking, which allowed Titleist to make it through in this sector. Titleist intends to focus on good handicap and skilled players. Titleist’s clubs are created in traditional style, with few changes in more than 10 years. There are two styles of its irons, cutter, and cavity back. Most current AP1 Irons and AP2 Irons are utilized various material insert. They are as hot as Callaway Razr X irons. Compared with TaylorMade irons and Callaway irons, Titleist irons are the most difficult to use for the beginner, because Titleist irons are unbiased to reduced handicap golfers. They are meant to utilize substance and new technologies to offset playing abilities. Their appeal is style.

Regarding the performance of Titleist golf, it is not the best but most definitely in the lead team. Their high quality is taken into consideration the very best among TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway Golf clubs. Due to the fact that Titleist does not make concessions in quality assurance for small cost. Therefore, some players claim that when their skills are elevated, Titleist clubs are their favorite. At the exact same time, the brand-new products released cycle is reasonably longer, regarding 2 years. However, its new items are sold well. Titleist embraces the very least the brand-new modern technologies because it is for a group of golf supporters. Titleist clubs are with a lot of stable effectiveness.

Therefore, I offer Titleist golf clubs a remark as good quality and efficiency, with stable cost and performance, with much less new technologies, hard to manage.

TaylorMade is an aged brand name. After being taken over by Adidas, TaylorMade was rerouted to an importance task in golf clubs market. The R500 and R300 series clubs, which were created at the start of 2000, slowly assisted TaylorMade make its very own escape. Later on, the R7 series pressed TaylorMade to the very first in market. They are counter-balancing with Callaway ft-5, Callaway ft-7, Callaway FT-9 driver. At the same time, it developed a blossom of sales (ten hundred). So, TM could possibly be claimed the standard of current golf equipment market as well as TM transformed the previous product-released pattern.

Before the R500 series, TaylorMade’s products cycle is generally more than 3 to 4 years. It took a long period for new products launched. In addition, there is little distinction between new items and previous ones. Nonetheless, after R500 Series, the components and patterns were both transformed completely. The new items released pattern was decreased to one year. Moreover, TM likewise produced new golf clubs with different brand-new innovations and products. R7, R9, R11 series are all used numerous customized technologies, showing Taylormade has tough benefit in clubs development.

TaylorMade is very clear to which kind of users its clubs agree with. TM mostly aims to higher vantage and tool handicap users. Since those golf players do not have time to practice playing and their capabilities are tried to keep in the middle level, so TaylorMade create clubs that are effortless to hit. This also makes users certainly feel the advantages of TM golf clubs and unique features. R7, R9, and R11 clubs are all with flexible screws and shaft. For those with high capabilities or played golf for greater than six years, it is important whether shaft or head is unpredictable. However, to those who are not experts, it is very useful. Altogether, I believe TaylorMade clubs are effortless to utilize, simple to strike, with many tricks, but absence of stability.

TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway Golf clubs all have their very own applications and are suitable for a wide various of golfer’s skills and abilities.


How Do I Know Which Set of Golf Clubs is Right for Me?

How Do I Know Which Set of Golf Clubs is Right for Me?

Choosing The Golf Clubs


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The short answer to that question is: the set that improves your game. But how can the right set of clubs improve your golf game? It’s simple, really. If you have the right set of clubs, you will have the right swing, the right power and the opportunity to reduce strokes off at every hole.

When you decide to take up playing golf, you could go mad buying every golf accessory you can place your hands on. You may have visions of your best swing on emerald fairways; extolling your scores and seeing everybody turn just a little greener with envy. Before you rush out and spend a lot of money, just consider a few things before you do.

Consider one of the most important parts of your golf game and the golf equipment you need. You should look for the following when buying your clubs: You’ll be glad you did…

  • Right Size: clubs that are the wrong size will throw your golf swing off and may even injure you. Bending over, to use a club that is too short or trying to work through with one that is too long will throw your entire game off.
  • Right Type: clubs have different purposes for hitting different shots. A beginner will only need a few golf clubs as they develop their game and can add new clubs to their bag as they go. Your basic set up should include a driver, wedge, putter and irons.
  • Right Price: clubs can range from reasonable to very expensive and will depend on what they are made of, their brand and where you buy them. A good rule of thumb to follow here is to buy the best clubs that you can afford for your game right now.
  • This means, if you only play once or twice, a good set of used clubs is perfectly fine.

Make sure that you do not overdo it when you are looking for golf clubs. If you find that you really like the game and plan to keep playing, upgrade a club at a time until you have a full set of good clubs.

Now, you might wonder how you find the right set of clubs to begin with, especially if you have never golfed before. Finding the right set of golf clubs might take some trial and error, so it might be a good idea to rent before committing to a new set. You might also consider:

  • The type of swing and the style of your golf game. Every golfer has a different approach and different swing. The right set of clubs will take into account the little variations that you have in your game.
  • The length and weight that is right for your game. Making sure that your clubs are the right size for you is important. Making sure that the golf clubs are the right material and feel for you is essential as well.
  • The right type of clubs for the right moment during the game. You use different clubs for different situations during each round of golf. Knowing which club you need and when is important, but knowing will not matter if you do not have it in your bag.

Asking for help when buying clubs is a good idea. Make sure that you are shopping where knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about fit, material and reasonable prices for your new golf club purchase. Shopping at the average retailer might not be helpful for a beginner, but once you know which set of clubs is right for you, it is perfectly fine.