Custom Made Golf Clubs – What You Can Expect from a Fitting.

Custom Made Golf Clubs – What You Can Expect from a Fitting.

Custom Made Golf Clubs


custom made golf clubsIf your game is not at a level you would like to be and you found that you hit the greens only sporadically during the course of a year, and where you’re hesitant about what club to use.

You may wish to have that perfect sets of clubs hanging on the wall of your local pro shop.

If you are serious about improving your game or taking that game to the next level, it might well benefit you to consider readymade golf clubs that you’ve been looking at for ages.

There are certain things to know and look forward to when you decide to make the choice to get custom made golf clubs. This begins with the knowledge of several body measurements that are taken to correctly determine the size club required to optimize your game.

To begin with, the height and the gender of the golfer is established in order to reduce the available clubs selection. It is no surprise that a female golfer will often require a different size club set than an average male golfer.

Then the distance of wrist to floor is measured to offset the height figures to assist in getting a good estimation of the required shaft length. The age and skill level is also considered to further identify an appropriate shaft type for the club.

Lastly, for a usual fitting, the grip of the golfer is measured to establish what grips might benefit the golfer and lower the chance of hooking and slicing.

Custom made golf clubs do not take a very long time to be fitted. While the typical fitting takes somewhere around fifteen minutes, it could take as long as thirty minutes. Another thing to remember is to not let your self-importance get in the way of a good set for you. Many seasoned experienced golfers and amateurs alike upset themselves when posed with the choice of going with a set that helps optimize their swing. Essentially this means that you don’t typically have to try as hard to hit it well and golfers might take offense to the suggestions.

The best thing to consider when going to be fitted for custom made golf clubs is that a professional is measuring you. They are paid to supply you with the best match in equipment versatility, and therefore you should listen to their advice. Being fit for a set of clubs should be fun and above all should be productive. With the right frame of mind and a little bit of invested time, you should be lowering your handicap in no time.

The Game Of Golf Made Easy With Discount Golf Clubs

The Game Of Golf Made Easy With Discount Golf Clubs

Discount Golf Clubs – Golf Made Easy

golf clubs

If there is something people around the world cannot resist, it is discounts. Everything given at a lower cost or more affordable price will not be discarded, and there will certainly be millions of people gathering the area to get one of the items. This applies to every little thing from garments, groceries, as well as sports products. Actually today, there are a lot more discounts on sports ware compared to others; perhaps this is so due to the fact that the variety of sports enthusiasts has increased for many years. Beyond the competitions that are played in a certain region, many of the others are played in every nation and people are permanently on need for discounts. For people who enjoy golf, they know how costly new collection of golf clubs is and would do anything to get a collection of price cut clubs. For some, it is virtually like putting in all their savings while getting the clubs, and if they were to get discounted ones, it would be a God send.

There are brand-new designs appearing on the market every couple of months, and to be able to stay on par with the fads it is essential to get price cuts. Only after that can you walk happily in to your local golf club with your happy brand-new set of clubs. There are many golf stores throughout the nation that sell high quality clubs at cheap costs. A few of the clubs might have been lying around for a while without takers, and others might be when it comes to a minor defect listed here or there. These issues are all likely to be on a sticker on the club or maybe a scrap in the paint. However they will nonetheless not be accepted by the majority of huge corporate or outlets and so will be sold at price cut prices.

Getting these golf clubs will certainly offer you the freedom you have actually been yearning for. There would have been days, when you would intend to go play, however not have clubs and need to go asking or obtaining from individuals you understand. And if there is something individuals don’t sacrifice outside of their valuable jewelry, it is clubs. For worry of damage or misuse, people rarely part with their golf clubs, also if it was lending it to a buddy or relative. A small damages can result in leaving the clubs rendered pointless or making it uncomfortable to carry it around. And since a large sum of money is bought them, it matters a whole lot to the majority of people. Price cut clubs are an advantage to all those who have actually moved over from conforming on computer system to playing it on a genuine training course. The adventure of holding a club in your hands and swinging it to hit the ball is worth the price you pay for these clubs. You could constantly get brand-new clubs later on, in the meantime all you are focused on is taking pleasure in the minute and having fun as much golf as feasible.

To shop online for golf equipment is very simple. As they say just ‘Google it’ and up comes a full list and total array of online stores and categories to chose from. The prices are low, the shipment is affordable and within a few days or a week, you have your brand new clubs delivered to you ready to take to the course. Shopping online you will see impressive displays of all the latest golfing gizmos’, the best range and everything you could possibly imagine. The advertising and sales techniques capture your curiosity and are very appealing.

You make your purchase. It is an exciting time, waiting for it to arrive. The expectation is high. Your brand new set of Titleist, Callaway or Taylor Made clubs have arrived and you are all set to hit the fairways. However, please take a closer look. On the internet today, you can buy just about anything. The difference being is it the genuine item or fake. The golf industry, like any other, is open to fraudulent online behavior so it extremely important that the buyer beware. I know from my own personal experience that when your clubs arrive and you realize that they are not genuine you feel cheated, ripped off and very disappointed.

For golfers the issue of counterfeit clubs can range from a loss of distance and accuracy, to safety issues with club shafts snapping and clubs heads that fly off during mid swing. With so much money involved in the industry, counterfeiters are constantly evolving their practices to keep in front of the major manufacturers. A set of fake clubs could well have authentic serial numbers but may not relate to those particular clubs. As well as advertising all of the top brands, the online stores will have reassuring notes about customer agreements, refund policies and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees. However, when put to the test they are no more reliable than the paper it is written on.

As is the case with most major brands today, the components of clubs are made in China but assembled in the US. Genuine clubs bought online would be shipped from the US; counterfeit clubs are normally shipped from China. Counterfeits are a great contention with the manufacturers that while authentic clubs are the result of years of testing and are made from high quality materials, counterfeits typically are produced using primitive techniques and cheaper materials with little or no quality control or assurance. The scale of the problem suggests fake golf equipment will continue to come into the market. Anyone thinking of buying them, even knowingly should first consider going to

This is a website established by the US Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group. The group involves five of the best-known golf manufacturers in the world- Callaway- Odyssey, Taylor Made, PING, Cleveland/Srixon and Titliest/Footjoy and Scotty Cameron.

To ensure the golf equipment you are buying or have already purchased is authentic here is a set of questions to test their validity. 

1.      Am l purchasing my golf equipment from an authorized dealer?

To guarantee you are buying authentic golf products, buy then from an authorized dealer or retailer. A list is normally found on the manufacturer’s websites or by contacting their customer service department.

A great many golf websites offer discounted products and claim to be original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) or approved vendors. The question is

2.      Are they legitimate?

The proliferation of golf websites that offer deeply discounted golf products are mainly based in China. If the site is not identified as an authorized dealer /vendor according to the manufacturer then it is more likely that they are selling counterfeit products.

3.      Are they difference in the appearance of the clubs?

Such things as slight differences in shades of color, or different engravings. Most golf manufacturers do not sell seconds or blemished items, so there will not be different versions of golf equipment in the marketplace. The true genuine item will be those that have the exact colors and engravings as specified.

4.      Where is the golf equipment being shipped?

Be concerned if they are being shipped from China. Chances are they are fake.

The Golf Stores promoted on this website are genuine retailers and vendors for the major golf manufacturers

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the top discount golf retailers in the world. Their core philosophy is to provide golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf equipment. They do it by buying huge amounts of closeout merchandise, keeping overheads as low as possible, leverage technology and then pass the savings to the consumer. They may not have everything that you are looking for, but the prices on the items that they do have are the cheapest that you will find.

Where Can I Buy Really Useful Golf Accessories?

Where Can I Buy Really Useful Golf Accessories?

Where to Buy Golf Accessories


golf accessories

There are so many different golf accessories available on the market these days that it’s very complicated to know what to buy! It’s all very good to have the latest headgear, marvelous gloves, the fleece-lined jacket to protect against the wintry blasts or the trendiest gadget all the pro’s use, but will they make you play any better?

One of the latest ‘must have’ golf accessories is a ‘Golf GPS’ hand held device! It makes you question how Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus ever got by with what they had!

No matter what your preferences are for getting accessories to improve your enjoyment of the game, and there is a huge range of really useful items available, but where precisely do you start looking?

The Pro’s shop at your golf club is an excellent place to start, but they sometimes have a restricted amount of space and only supply the larger range of items. Local golf stores are an alternative place to start looking as they generally have a superior range available, but that isn’t always the case. You may, of course, live some way away from the nearest golf store, so it isn’t easy to just go there to look around. So where else can you start looking?

You can try your local newspaper ‘classified ads’ in case someone is selling something you’d rather like to have, or you could put in a ‘wanted’ ad yourself if you know exactly what you want. You can also find ads on the internet in a variety of Free Ad sites, or look out for yard sales or boot fairs in your local area, especially in the summer months. These are always a good resource of golfing accessories.

Your fellow golfers are another great resource when it comes to getting useful accessories. If you spot one of your golfing buddies with a ‘must have’ item, if he won’t sell it to you himself he’ll tell you exactly where he got it from. Take advantage of this company if you can, and avoid making pointless trips to the golf store to buy expensive accessories. You can also look on sites that are meant to sell the items online.

E Bay is the one that springs to mind first for most people, and this is a very good place to look. E Bay is one of the main online stores of all things old and no longer widely available. However, there are also numerous online golf accessory stores that may offer what you need. The bigger stores are generally more reliable and more trustworthy than the average eBay merchant and they also sell new items. As long as you are sure that you are getting a value item and not some cheap version that will break right away, these sites are very good to check out. Your favorite search engine will quickly lead you to an abundance of them.

If you try all of these different resources, you are almost certain to find what you need. Just remember to be prudent when it comes to golf equipment. Even if you feel like you can afford it, you still don’t want to get too free with your wallet and start tossing money everywhere just for the sake of it. This is a good way to squander huge amounts without having much to show for it, except a lot of accessories that you might not use very much.

Discover some really useful golf accessories, including a Golf GPS, by just browsing online where you’re sure to find something you couldn’t play golf without! They make very good birthday presents too. For the golfer who hasn’t quite got everything – yet.