5 Little-Known Shawn Kelly’s Golf Tips

Shawn Kelly's Golf Tips Factors That Could Affect Your Game   Shawn Kelly's Golf Tips Here are some golf tips for you golfers out there. Golf practice does not always have to be implemented outdoors. Creative players can find plenty of ways to improve their games at...

3 Tips for Better Putting

Better Putting Putting is the most neglected element of the game. A strong statement l know, however in my estimation more time and effort is focused primarily on driving and iron play, especially among amateurs. The consequence being that after all the hard work is...

Shanking in Golf is Embarrassing

Shanking in Golf Prevent Yourself From Embarrassment   Shanking in golf must be the most disheartening and embarrassing moment in golf. You are 70 yards from the green, the pin is waiting for you to lay the ball right beside it-- and you shank it right into the rough...

Golf Tips: Drive For Better Distance and Control

Most golfers wish they could hit 300-yard drives down the center of the fairway every single time. Not all golfers can achieve this type of length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add 10 or 15 yards to your drives. Here are some golf driving tips, below, that might help you achieve a bit more length and accuracy off the tee.

Golf Club Fitting For Ultimate Assurance

Custom made golf clubs, like a custom made suit, are the ultimate assurance your equipment will fit and improve your golf swing. Many golfers, especially those who are less experienced, greatly misunderstand the entire concept of custom golf clubs.

Targeting your Golf Shot

How to line up your golf shot square to your target appears to be among the most primary errors that beginner and even some experienced golfers make. They usually line up right of their target (for righties, or left for lefties). Their feet and shoulder line will end up pointing straight at their target and their club face will be aiming in a direction that is parallel to their feet and shoulder line,