Golf Tips: Drive For Better Distance and Control

Golf Tips: Drive For Better Distance and Control

Golf Tips For Better Distance and Control from Your Driver


golf tips driverMost golfers wish they could hit 300-yard drives down the center of the fairway every single time. Not all golfers can achieve this type of length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add 10 or 15 yards to your drives. Here are some tips for your driver, that might help you achieve a bit more length and accuracy off the tee.

Golf Tips for Driving

1. Posture – The number one thing I see amateur golfer do is set up with bad posture. If your back is rounded and you don’t find balance in your set up it will cause many inconsistencies in your swing.

Many golfers were never taught posture and this causes many issues on the course. Posture with your driver doesn’t look the same as with your wedges or irons. It’s the only club most golfers hit on the way up instead of the way down. This gives you a launching type of feel and you can really gain distance by hitting the ball on the way up instead of on the way down. If you perfect your posture, you will be able to hit the ball further.

2. Over swinging – Another thing many amateur golfers do is over swing. They swing for the fences and find the ball goes nowhere or goes out a little ways and takes a sharp curve to the right or left. This comes from trying to kill the ball and not staying under control. You don’t need to swing slow, but you do need to figure out how fast you can swing and still maintain complete control of your swing.

3. Your Core Muscles – The core muscles in your stomach area make a huge difference in your golf swing. If you strengthen these muscles, you will swing better and you will hit the ball further. These muscles also help to support your lower back and if you suffer from lower back pain, you want to work strengthen these muscles for less pain, as well.

4. The Turn – Probably the most important of the golf tips is the turn. Many golfers don’t understand that power comes from turning the upper body against the lower body. If you watch PGA golfers on television, they almost always keep their lower body very still (as the base) and turn their upper body against it.This creates power and if you stabilize your lower body, you will certainly gain more distance off the tee.

5. Grip Down – Gripping down will not give you more overall distance, of course, but it will help you gain accuracy. If you struggle with hitting wayward tee shots or you just start hitting them bad on a specific day, sacrifice a little overall distance and put one in the fairway by gripping down. (This is also known as choking up, but we don’t use negative words in golf, so we call it gripping down.)

6. Toe Wins the Race – Most golfers that struggle with accuracy and distance slice the ball. To help you cure your slice think about the toe of the club reaching the ball before the heel. If this happens, you will cut down on your slice quite a bit and if you cut out the slice, you will certainly gain more distance off the tee.

7. Back to the Target – One thing you can take on the course with you, especially if you tend to pull the golf ball, is my personal swing thought. Try to keep your back to the target as long as you can when swinging.
This helps to give you the hip bump you need to transition from the top of the swing to the impact position and will help many golfers with distance and accuracy. Not all of the above tips may apply to you, but the few that do can really help you gain the distance you desire from the tee box. With these golf driving tips, you can really find the fairway more often and lessen the length of your approach shots.

These tips will give you better distance and control off the tee in no time at all. And for more golf tips on other aspects of your game that need improving go to True Mastery of Golf.

Golf Equipment Review For Beginners

Golf Equipment Review For Beginners

Golf Equipment Review 


golf equipmentOne of the most essential things to look for on golf equipment review is if the actual review includes the price tag on the particular equipment. The product reviews team recognizes  equipment of the highest quality, design, and performance with its Golf Editors’ Choice award. Play It Again Sports has a broad range of golf equipment for all levels of players – from the beginner to the avid golfer. Golf professionals and enthusiasts who want to deliver a much better performance on the golf course need to visit a golf club fitting center for customization of clubs.
A great place to shop for all the equipment or clothes you need to upgrade your game is the online golf store called RockBottomGolf.

Callaway Strata plus Women is designed to meet the women’s needs in a high performance and accurate golf sets. The ball features great feel and distance on long shots and unmatched control in the short game. The 3UP ball produces low side spin off of driver shots, which makes it more accurate and long. The latest technology drivers are designed to make it even easier to hit the golf ball hard and straight. Next, the quad cut grooves really impart a lot a spin on your shot for more control around the green.

Having the rights clubs is the first step to success, but having a good grip is what will transform your golf game. Golf online was established in 2000, and has grown into one of Europe’s leading authorized retailers of branded golf equipment. There are a lot of amazing products out there that simply don’t have the big time budgets to get their names out to the millions of golf consumers. While no one can say for sure, two newcomers to his golf bag could have something to do with it. The golf products listed here have been used and reviewed by golfers just like you, under real life circumstances. Throughout the set, the Center of Gravity is strategically-positioned to generate explosive distance with the trajectory required for tour-like golf shots.

Each course is themed around a certain element and some of the courses can be quite difficult until you learn how to play them. When you eventually master the basics of the game you will feel good and nothing beats the sense of achievement when you play a truly excellent game. Golf is not an easy game, choosing the right clubs to fit each player can help a player improve and make the game much more enjoyable. For people in many countries, golf is a sport that is played to relax, compete with friends or just have fun. Just like in any other sports, golf also requires the use of basic golf equipment to perform the sport.

Golf Club Fitting For Ultimate Assurance

Golf Club Fitting For Ultimate Assurance

Golf Club Fitting


golf club fittingCustom fit golf clubs, like a custom made suit, are the ultimate assurance your equipment will fit and improve your golf swing. Many golfers, especially those who are less experienced, greatly misunderstand the entire concept of custom golf clubs. Trading-in allows golfers to trade in obsolete clubs for credit to modernize and purchase new equipment more economically.

You have to custom fit the golfer, order specific components, make adjustments, trim shafts, and assemble the golf clubs. The program aims to give players clubs that fit their swing so they can achieve the type of ball flight they want. Having clubs that properly fit your swing can help correct a flaw or poor ball flight without changing your swing.

Malachi Golf is a well-established golf club fitting and repair company based out of Cumming, GA at Lanier Golf Club. Players wishing to dive headfirst into the best equipment the golf club industry has to offer can expect to pay accordingly, says Deas. If you need Golf Equipment Repairing or Golf Club And Equipment Repair or even Sporting Goods Stores in NC, look no further. Overlooking the golf course and the Bay of Green Bay, the clubhouse captures and holds the true spirit of a country club. The online golf club stores have web-enabled golf-club-fitting tools that permit you to custom fit irons and woods without seeing a sales representative in person. Few equipment manufacturers, if any, are as closely linked to custom fitting as Ping Golf.

In 2006 AGT was appointed by St Andrews Links Trust to provide custom golf club fitting and equipment support services in their prestigious new golf academy at the Home of Golf. Think of your golf club as a suit that is tailored to your measurements and specifications alone. Designed by Willie Park, recognized by his peers as the first true genius of golf course architecture, the Old Course at Burhill was opened in 1907. The Gigagolf uses top quality golf head components that are often made at the same foundries that produce name brand clubheads. There are thousands of websites that will sell you golf accessories, but it can often be a pain to track down reliable web sites. A PING professional club fitter can help you decide which clubs are best for your size, your swing, your style.

Rob Bernard explains the difference between having your golf equipment custom fit vs. buying it off the rack. Excellent product, as the club house pro said, a club head is a club head and these are just what you need. Clubs need to be the proper length in order to maximize distance, accuracy, and feel for each shot. Most of the golfing community are using over the counter clubs, and it’s this fact that is the source of many of their struggles. We’ll then purchase all the necessary components and assemble your clubs to the exact specifications we’ve agreed upon. Speaking of good quality golf set does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive brands.

Since the ball launch results are dependent on your current equipment, it is critical that this information be collected. You will see many fitting methods out there in the golf universe, but most of them center on the same pieces of information. A good club fitter will have an array of club offerings with all different types of shafts to test. Performance Fitting Centers are trained and educated by True Temper’s world-renowned engineers and have previously been certified through True Temper’s CRC, Gold Certified and Tour Concept programs. A purely golf-authentic atmosphere in which resides the most advanced club-fitting tools and technologies available. Maltby Certified Fitting Experts have been extensively trained and tested in all aspects of the Maltby Certified Fitting Methods created by industry guru, Ralph Maltby

Great Benefits from Online Golf Instruction

Great Benefits from Online Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction Comes with Great Benefits Online


online golf instruction

Whether you are learning how to play golf for the first time, or you desire to improve your game, then the benefits of online instruction is a splendid way to go. Below are some of the vast benefits to using the internet for great golf instruction.

Price is one of the best benefits. Employing a professional teacher is the option to online instruction, and just one session could cost a great deal of money. If you require the professional for several sessions then the cost could amount to a lot of money. Online tuition is a portion of the cost.

Another major benefit is the convenience factor. When you make an appointment with a professional, it can be a problem, especially if you have a hectic life. Furthermore, the hours that many professionals operate in, may not allow time for those who normally work regular business hours. Therefore, it may be hard to keep an appointment. Online instruction can be taken any time you want day or night, and even weekends or holidays. Any time that suites your schedule, you can take instruction.

Simplicity of learning is a further benefit to online instruction. You can learn at your own pace, and take things as fast as slow as you want to. If you overlook something and have to go back for a revision course, it’s free. With a professional instructor you would have to shell out for that.

The way people take golf instruction has advanced extraordinarily within the last decade giving today’s amateur golfer a much better chance of both understanding and improving their swing. Previously golfers would be compelled to rely solely on instruction set by their local golf professional. The difficulty with this is even though the pro may get their student to swing fine at the same time as in the lesson the student would have to rely a great deal to learn and remember exclusively from feel, typically ending up in the pro manipulating the student’s arms, body and club. Learning from feel is still a big part of teaching golf however today’s technology has made this aspect of learning much easier. Nowadays most teaching professions will use slow motion video technology within their lessons allowing the student to precisely distinguish and comprehend what is happening throughout the various stages of their swing.

An additional benefit of video technology now allows golfers to take their lessons home with them. With the introduction of high speed video recording a great deal of teachers now record lessons to summarize what was worked on during the lesson and the requirements to follow up after the lesson. Pros incorporate positive drills or swing thoughts which their students can refer back to each time it is required. Many amateurs profit greatly from this as reviewing swing considerations before a practice session or round can assist their focus.

Online golf instruction is a huge component in the learning process as amateur golfers can now receive golf lessons exclusively. Advancing technology in smart phones and apps has made it easy for the average person to capture their swing with precision. Golfers can now utilize that swing video, sending it to their local pro to analyse and give a detailed examination of swing faults and instruction on how to correct them. These types of lessons are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of an online golf lessons is often a smaller cost than a traditional golf lesson.

Online golf instruction is a great alternative that you can make if you would like to improve your golf game. When taking your classes online you can save plenty of money, do it whenever you want, and you can be trained at your own pace.